Pubblications and preprints of the HIDEAS groups (by workpackage)

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WP1. High-D temporal entanglement: quantum frequency combs
Quantum theory of Synchronously Pumped type I Optical Parametric Oscillators: characterization of the squeezed supermodes   (Sep-2009)
Giuseppe Patera, Nicolas Treps, Claude Fabre, German J. De Valcarcel
Eur. Phys. J. D 56, 123

Quantum correlation of pulses of Optical Parametric Oscillator synchronously pumped above threshold   (Jan-2010)
V.A. Averchenko, Yu. M. Golubev, C. Fabre, N. Treps
Optics and Spectroscopy 110, 925 (2011)

Quantum correlations and fluctuations in the pulsed light produced by a synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator below its oscillation threshold   (Aug-2010)
V.A. Averchenko, Yu.M. Golubev, C. Fabre, N. Treps
Eur. Phys. Journal D 61, 207 (2010)

Scaling properties of multipartite entanglement in parametric down-conversion   (Nov-2010)
G. Patera and M. I. Kolobov
submitted to International Journal of Quantum Information 

Two-color continuous-variable quantum entanglement in a singly resonant optical parametric oscillator   (Oct-2011)
Domenico Cuozzo and Gian-Luca Oppo
Physical Review A 84, 043810 (2011)

Ultimate sensitivity of precision measurements with intense Gaussian light   (Jan-2012)
O. Pinel, J. Fade, D. Braun, Pu Jian, N. Treps, C. Fabre
Phys. Rev A Rapid Com 85, 010101 (2012)

Generation and characterization of multimode quantum frequency combs   (Jan-2012)
O. Pinel, Pu Jian, R. Medeiros, Jinxia Feng, B. Chalopin, C. Fabre, N. Treps
to be published in Phys. Rev Letters

Quantum coherent control of highly multipartite continuous-variable entangled states by shaping parametric interaction   (Jan-2012)
G. Patera, C. Navarrete-Benlloch, G. De Valcarcel, C. Fabre
submitted to Eur. Phys. Journal D

WP2. High-D spatial entanglement (continuous variables)
Multimode quantum properties of a self-imaging OPO: squeezed vacuum and EPR beams generation   (Dec-2008)
L. Lopez, B. Chalopin, A. Riviere de la Souchere, C. Fabre,1 A. Maitre and N. Treps

Measurement of Sub-Shot-Noise Spatial Correlations without Background Subtraction   (May-2009)
Giorgio Brida, Lucia Caspani, Alessandra Gatti, Marco Genovese, Alice Meda, and Ivano Ruo Berchera
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 213602 (2009)

Optical entanglement of co-propagating modes   (Jun-2009)
J. Janousek, K. Wagner, J-F. Morizur, N. Treps, P. K. Lam, C. C. Harb and H-A. Bachor
Nature Photonics 3, 399 - 402 (2009)

Tripartite entanglement in parametric down-conversion with spatially structured pump   (Nov-2009)
D. Daems, F. Bernard, N. J. Cerf, and M. I. Kolobov
JOSA B, Vol. 27, Issue 3, pp. 447-451 (2010)

Entanglement measurement of the quadrature components without the homodyne detection in the spatially multi-mode far-field   (Jan-2010)
T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev, K. Samburskaya, C. Fabre, N. Treps, M. Kolobov
Phys. Rev. A 81(1), 013831 (2010)

Frequency doubling of low power images using a self-imaging cavity   (Apr-2010)
B. Chalopin, A. Chiummo, C. Fabre, A. Maître and N. Treps
Opt. Exp. 18, 8033 (2010)

Spatio-temporal properties of multipartite entanglement   (Jun-2010)
Giuseppe Patera and Mikhail I. Kolobov
Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7727, 7727-0I (2010)

Multimode nonclassical light generation through the optical-parametric-oscillator threshold   (Jun-2010)
B. Chalopin, F. Scazza, C. Fabre, and N. Treps
Phys. Rev. A 81, 061804 (2010)

Programmable unitary spatial mode manipulation   (Jun-2010)
Jean-François Morizur, Lachlan Nicholls, Pu Jian, Seiji Armstrong, Nicolas Treps, Boris Hage, Magnus Hsu, Warwick Bowen, Jiri Janousek, and Hans-A. Bachor
JOSA A, Vol. 27, Issue 11, pp. 2524-2531 (2010)

Spatial reshaping of a squeezed state of light   (Oct-2010)
J.-F. Morizur, S. Armstrong, N. Treps, J. Janousek and H.-A. Bachor
Eur. Phys. J. D (2010)

Spatiotemporal multipartite entanglement   (Jan-2011)
Mikhail I. Kolobov and Giuseppe Patera
PRA 83, 050302R (2011)

WP3. High-D spatial entanglement (photon-pairs)
Fourier relationship between the angle and angular momentum of entangled photons   (Oct-2008)
A. K. Jha, B. Jack, E. Yao, J. Leach, R. W. Boyd, G. S. Buller, S. M. Barnett, S. Franke-Arnold and M. J. Padgett
Phys. Rev. A 78, 043810 (2008)

Observation of near-field correlations in spontaneous parametric down conversion   (Apr-2009)
H. Di Lorenzo Pires and M.P. van Exter
Phys. Rev. A 79, 041801 (2009)

Engineering two-photon quantum correlations in spontaneous parametric down conversion   (Apr-2009)
W.H. Peeters, J.J. Renema and M.P. van Exter
Phys. Rev. A 79, 043817 (2009)

Two-Photon Speckle as a Probe of Multi-Dimensional Entanglement   (May-2009)
C.J.W. Beenakker, J.W.F. Venderbos and M.P. van Exter
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 193601 (2009)

Violation of a Bell inequality in two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state-spaces   (May-2009)
J. Leach, B. Jack, J. Romero, M. Ritsch-Marte, R. Boyd, A. Jha, S. Barnett, S. Franke-Arnold, M. Padgett
Optics Express, Vol. 17, Issue 10, pp. 8287-8293 (2009)

Direct measurement of transverse-mode entanglement in two-photon states   (Aug-2009)
H. Di Lorenzo Pires, C.H. Monken and M.P. van Exter
Phys. Rev. A 80, 022307(2009)

Precise quantum tomography of photon pairs with entangled orbital angular momentum   (Oct-2009)
B Jack, J Leach, H Ritsch, S M Barnett, M J Padgett and S Franke-Arnold
New Journal of Physics 11, 103024 (2009)

Entanglement of arbitrary superpositions of modes within two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state spaces   (Oct-2009)
B. Jack, A. Yao, J. Leach, J. Romero, S. Franke-Arnold, D. Ireland, S. Barnett, M. Padgett
Phys. Rev. A 81, 043844 (2010)

Angular Two-Photon Interference and Angular Two-Qubit States   (Jan-2010)
A. Jha, J. Leach, B. Jack, S. Franke-Arnold, S. Barnett, R. Boyd, M. Padgett
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 010501 (2010)

Measurement of the spiral spectrum of entangled two-photon states   (Jan-2010)
H. Di Lorenzo Pires, H.C.B. Florijn and M.P. Van Exter
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 020505 (2010).

Measurement of the orbital angular momentum spectrum of partially coherent beams   (Mar-2010)
H. Di Lorenzo Pires, J. Woudenberg and M.P. van Exter
Opt. Lett. 35, 889 (2010)

Entanglement of arbitrary superpositions of modes within two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state spaces   (Apr-2010)
B Jack, A M Yao, J Leach, J Romero, S Franke-Arnold, D G Ireland, S M Barnett, and M J Padgett
Phys. Rev. A 81, 043844 (2010)

Observation of two-photon speckle patterns   (May-2010)
W.H. Peeters, J.J.D. Moerman and M.P. van Exter
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 173601 (2010)

Measuring optical vortices in a speckle pattern using a multi-pinhole interferometer   (Jun-2010)
G.C.G. Berkhout and M.W. Beijersbergen
Opt Express 18, 13836 (2010)

Quantum Correlations in Optical Angle-Orbital Angular Momentum Variables   (Jul-2010)
J. Leach, B. Jack, J. Romero, A. K. Jha, A. M. Yao, S. Franke-Arnold, D. Ireland, R. W. Boyd, S. M. Barnett, M. J. Padgett
Science 329, 662-665 (2010)

Holographic Ghost Imaging and the Violation of a Bell Inequality   (Aug-2010)
B. Jack, J. Leach, J. Romero, S. Franke-Arnold, M. Ritsch-Marte, S. M. Barnett, and M. J. Padgett
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 083602 (2009)

Spin-orbit hybrid entanglement of photons and quantum contextuality   (Aug-2010)
E Karimi, J Leach, S Slussarenko, B Piccirillo, L Marrucci, L Chen, W She, S Franke-Arnold, M J Padgett and E Santamato
Phys. Rev. A 82, 022115 (2010)

Transport of spatially entangled qutrits through a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber   (Aug-2010)
W.Loeffler, T.G.Euser, E.R.Eliel, M.Scharrer, P.St.J.Russell and J.P.Woerdman

High-dimensional quantum nature of ghost angular Young’s diffraction   (Sep-2010)
L Chen, J Leach, B Jack, M J Padgett, S Franke-Arnold, and W She
Phys. Rev. A 82, 033822 (2010)

Efficient sorting of orbital angular momentum states of light   (Oct-2010)
G.C.G. Berkhout, M.P.J. Lavery, J. Courtial, M.W. Beijersbergen and M. J. Padgett
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 153601 (2010)

WP4. High-D spatio-temporal entanglement: quantum X-waves
X-entanglement of PDC photon pairs   (May-2009)
L. Caspani and E. Brambilla and O. Jedrkiewicz and L.A. Lugiato and A. Gatti
Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7355, 735509 (2009)
SPIE Europe Optics + Optoelectronics 2009, 20 - 23 April 2009 Prague, Czech Republic 

X Entanglement: The Nonfactorable Spatiotemporal Structure of Biphoton Correlation   (Jun-2009)
A. Gatti, E. Brambilla, L. Caspani, O. Jedrkiewicz, and L. A. Lugiato
Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 223601 (2009)

Tailoring the spatiotemporal structure of biphoton entanglement in type-I parametric down-conversion   (Mar-2010)
L. Caspani, E. Brambilla, and A. Gatti
Phys. Rev. A 81, 033808 (2010)

Spatiotemporal structure of biphoton entanglement in type-II parametric down-conversion   (Jul-2010)
E. Brambilla, L. Caspani, L. A. Lugiato, and A. Gatti
Phys. Rev. A 82, 013835 (2010)

High visibility pump reconstruction via ultra broadband sum frequency mixing of intense phase-conjugated twin beams   (Jun-2011)
Ottavia Jedrkiewicz, Jean-Luc Blanchet, Alessandra Gatti, Enrico Brambilla, and Paolo Di Trapani
Optics Express, 19, Issue 14, pp. 12903-12912 (2011)

Detection of the ultranarrow temporal entanglement of twin beams via sum-frequency generation   (Mar-2012)
O. Jedrkiewicz, J.-L. Blanchet, E. Brambilla, P. Di Trapani and A. Gatti
submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett . E-print arXiv:1203.3661v1 [quant-ph]

WP5. High-D entanglement of light and matter: quantum holograms
Quantum Memory for Images with Feedback   (Jun-2009)
D.V. Vasilyev, I.V. Sokolov, and E. S. Polzik
Optics and Spectroscopy, 2009, Vol. 106, No. 6, pp. 875-880

Three-dimensional theory of stimulated Raman scattering   (Sep-2009)
Martin W. Sørensen Anders S. Sørensen
Phys. Rev. A 80, 033804 (2009)

Quantum volume hologram   (Feb-2010)
Denis V. Vasilyev, Ivan V. Sokolov, and Eugene S. Polzik
Phys. Rev. A 81, 020302 (2010)

Quantum interface between light and atomic ensembles   (Apr-2010)
K. Hammerer, A. S. Sørensen, and E.S. Polzik
Rev. Mod. Phys. 82, 10411093 (2010)

Entanglement-assisted atomic clock beyond the projection noise limit   (Jun-2010)
Anne Louchet-Chauvet, Jürgen Appel, Jelmer J Renema, Daniel Oblak, Niels Kjaergaard and Eugene S Polzik
New Journal of Physics 12 065032 (2010)

Quantum memory for entangled continuous-variable states   (Nov-2010)
K. Jensen, W.Wasilewski, H. Krauter1, T. Fernholz, B. M. Nielsen, M. Owari, M. B. Plenio, A. Serafini, M. M.Wolf and E. S. Polzik
Nature Physics, Published online: 7 November 2010

High-speed spatially multimode atomic memory   (Jan-2011)
T. Golubeva and Yu. Golubev, O. Mishina, A. Bramati, J. Laurat, and E. Giacobino
Phys. Rev. A 83, 053810 (2011)

Double-pass quantum volume hologram   (Jan-2011)
Denis V. Vasilyev and Ivan V. Sokolov
Phys. Rev. A 83, 053851 (2011)

Quantum Holography upon Resonant Adiabatic Interaction of Fields with an Atomic Medium in a Lambda Configuration   (Feb-2011)
K. Samburskaya, T. Golubeva, Yu. Golubev, and E. Giacobino
Optics and Spectroscopy, Vol. 110, No. 5, pp. 775–787 (2011).

Three-dimensional theory of quantum memories based on Λ-type atomic ensembles   (Feb-2012)
Emil Zeuthen, Anna Grodecka-Grad, and Anders S. Sørensen
Phys. Rev. A 84, 043838 (2011)

High capacity spatial multimode quantum memories based on atomic ensembles   (Feb-2012)
Anna Grodecka-Grad, Emil Zeuthen, and Anders S. Sørensen